Our commitment : authentic flavours and healthy produce

Natural, authentic oils, produced in the traditional manner, are storehouses of natural goodness. Light, easy to digest, flavourful and full of energy, they have all kinds of uses. Chosen and used carefully, they make a valuable contribution to healthy development, wellbeing and resistance to illness.


Created in 2013 to safeguard the traditional artisan oil production and the jobs that go with it, the Foundation plays an active role, working with experts in gastronomy and nutrition to :

  • Promote a positive approach to nutrition, based on respect for fine ingredients and cooking
  • Providing high-quality vegetable oils
  • Ensuring the widest possible range of oils and oil products, contributing to a varied diet
  • Training young people and adults to rediscover authentic tastes and their benefits

9 generations of savoir-faire

The first records of the Bovey family date from 1561, as a leading family in Chanéaz. The family has been connected with the Mill at Pont de la Venoge (1798) and the Mill at Vaux-sur-Morges (up to 1872), and has been at Sévery since 1810.

The main family members are :

1968 -              Jean-Luc Bovey

1943 - 2011    Paul-Emile

1911 - 1952    Ernest

1870 - 1943    Emile

1844 - 1876    Henri-Elie

1797 - 1831    Jacob-Gabriel

1777 - 1843    Jean-François

1749 - 1830    Jean-Samuel

1724 - ?           Jean-Pierre

The knowledge, skills and techniques required to operate the mill and produce high-quality oil have been handed down from one generation to the next. The age-old techniques have been passed on, and combined with new technology and an increasing understanding of nutrition.