The mill

Tucked away by the river Morges at the foot of the Jura hills, the mill lies at the heart of the Swiss canton of Vaud. It is one of the few artisan mills and oil producers still operating.


The first mention of the mill was recorded in 1228 : the sons of Pierre de Sévery confirmed the donation of over 600 kilos of wheat to the Abbey of Lac-de-Joux, the knight’s annual contribution to the needs of the abbey.


Built in 1845, the current mill has belonged to the Bovey family for 6 generations. The first record of a miller called Bovey at the mill dates from 1810. The current owner, Jean-Luc Bovey, took over in 2002.

Our specialty : cold pressing

The nuts are fed into a metal funnel where it is crushed by an endless screw. This forces the oil through a fine mesh, where the dry matter (the “ cake ”) is retained while the high-quality oil is filtered through muslins before bottling.

The team

Friendly and happy to help, our team of experienced professionals welcomes you to the mill. Please ask any of our team members for information or advice.

  • Josiane Bovey


  • Jean-Luc Bovey


  • Dessilia Bovey

    Assistant director

  • Maveline Bovey

    Assistant director

  • Maxime Bigler

    Head of production

  • Corinne Pittet


  • Bruno Steffen

    Artisan Oil Maker

  • Roland Crettaz

    Artisan Oil Maker

  • Bogdan Movila

    Artisan Oil Maker

  • Véronique Gurtner


  • Ino Balbuena

    Artisan Oil Maker

  • Stanislas Boillat


  • Isabelle Livet

    Head of communication

  • Naila Bangerter


Our partners

The Moulin & Huilerie de Sévery has close links with partners throughout the region. Here is a non-exhaustive list of our trusted partners :