Traditional oil production

Bring us your cracked, shelled and sorted nuts and we will press your oil for you. There are two options :

  • Take part in your own pressing. Call us to make an appointment, and you can enjoy the satisfaction of taking part in the production of your oil. We press each batch separately, so that you take your own oil home with you.
  • If you’re not able to take part in your own pressing, you can still have your own oil, ready to collect in 10 days. Drop off your shelled nuts in a sealed cloth sack, labelled with your name, address and telephone number, and a container for your oil, also marked with your name. We press each of these batches separately as well.

We also buy good quality shelled nuts, at CHF 12 / kg.

Quantity guide

Minimum weight of shelled nutes for a pressing : 5 kg (average yield 60%)

Oil production : all year

Pressing days : Monday - Saturday

Proportion of nuts to shell : 1/3 nuts - 2/3 shell

Cost of traditional oil production : Fr 6.00/kg

Our cracking and shelling service

Price list

 < 300 kg300 – 500 kg> 500 kg
Whole nutsFr. 2.00 / kg  
Shelled nutsFr. 12.00 / kg  
Cracking costFr. 0.50 / kg  
Cracking and shelling costFr. 2.00 / kgFR. 1.80 / kgFR. 1.50 / kg
Traditional oil productionFr. 6.00 / kg  
Cold-pressed oil productionFr. 1.50 / kg FR. 1.00 / kg
Grinding nillon (production)Fr. 1.00 / kg  
Ground nillonFr. 5.00 / kg  

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